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About JP:


JP is the owner of Justin-Paul Photography. He was born in 1981 in Chicago, Illinois. He spent his younger years studying psychology, sociology, and journalism. He received his A.A. in Journalism in 2005 and decided he wanted to be a Professional Photographer. He was accepted into the very prestigious school Brooks Institute of Photography located in Santa Barbara, California in June of 2005. He moved to California and started working on getting his B.A. in Professional Photography. While at school JP was taught the Art of Photography on both film and digital cameras. He also spend time learning retouching, set-building, location scouting, printing both in darkroom and digitial print labs. He received his B.A. in Professional Photography on April 23, 2009. JP has been working as a freelance photographer since moving to California in 2005 and is loving it! JP has spent his years here in California learning as much as he could about the business that he fell in love with.....PHOTOGRAPHY!! JP now spends his time either shooting photography, or he is spending his off days with his loving fiance and their two beautiful boys!

He shoot all forms of Portraiture Photography (all ages), Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography, Event Photography, Headshots, Food Photography, Product Photography, Industrial Scientific Photography, Travel Photography, Fine Art Photography, Landscape Photography, Commercial Photography, and Architectural Photography. JP absolutely loves what he does for a profession and feels blessed to be able to work, doing what he loves! He has all the best skills, the best equipment, and the knowledge necessary to create powerful images, that capture the true essence of his subjects. His job as a photographer is to capture all the beautiful moments that nobody can afford to miss. JP works hand-in-hand with his clients to make sure that his images not only match their vision, but go above and beyond their standards of quality. He feels the only way to succeed is to follow three strict rules.

1. Make sure the client/clients are the happiest they can be with his professional work ethic and standards.

2. Approach every gig with intention not only to get everything the clients needs, but to give them something extra.

3. Always look for and capture the love, feelings, connections, and qualities of all the subjects!


Best Wishes!!!